Love Message

There is a pang
in my chest and it
pounds and pulses...
I can not say why,
my breath catches...
Or why my face flushes and that familiar tingle
starts to
up my thigh...
I can not explain why the world dims,
life slows its pace
and time begins to stop...
I can not describe how everything
is rose coloured
and a gleam
sparkles in my eye...
from the sight of you...
I can not express why my voice softens
and my paitence extends...
I can not mention the memories
that race through my mind...
or why the giggles from our pillow talk
co-erce a half lip-bitten smile
from my lips...
I can not convery how hard it is
not to settle into your arms
and kiss and caress you at night.
I can not articulate the amount of
strength it takes to
control this dam of tears...
from the thought of missing you...

(5th December 2006)

by Khauri Teverbaugh

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