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Love, More Than Love, And The Moments
LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)

Love, More Than Love, And The Moments

i love how your eyes are so dark
that when you stare into mine
i feel like i'm surrounded by you
i love how you take a breath
just before we kiss because
you know it's going to be long
and passionate, so romantic.
i love how the taste of your lips
on mine is just so perfect.
i love how you put your arms
around me, i feel so protected.
i love how my body fits perfectly
into yours when we hold eachother close.
I love how we lust for eachother and
i love how you passionatly stare into my eyes
when we make the best love, so perfect.
I love how you're always in my thoughts,
distracting me throughout the day.
I love how you always call me, just after
i whisper the words, 'i miss you.'
I love how I love you, and you love me.

But, I don't love you.
I don't love all of these things that we have.
what and how i feel for you is more than love.
It's something you can't explain.
More than the world, more then the universe.
My more than love for you, is larger than life.
I cherish the times when you hold me close,
in the dark. Kissing me gently on my forehead,
saying it will be okay when the sun comes up.
I cherish the moments, when we kissed
in the rain, the lightning strikeing,
and the thunder bellowing.
I will cherish, always and forever,
the moments I was and will still be with you.
The precious moments when we say
'I love you with all of my heart, all of my body,
and all of my soul.'

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This is soo puuurrrrrrrrrrrfect Lauren. A poem of love that is beyond the stars. Now this is a romantic poem. Thanx for sharing. Barbara