Love - My Take A.K.A You And I

For years, you've seen it differently.
For years, I've not seen it at all.

For years, you've been surrounded by the best.
For years, I've also the worst.

For years, you've gotten your way (atleast most times) .
I've never seen a way, for years,

For years, the people have been with you.
For me, what people? !

For years, you've been in the spotlight.
For years, I've not seen any light.

For years, you've given your best.
For years, I've been trying.

For years, you've believed you'll make it big.
For years, I was made to think I couldn't.

Yes. For years we've seen things differently.

But, now it's time I saw things differently.
It's time I saw what you saw.
Because, I know we should be together.
Not just for years, but forever...

by Praveen Rao

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