Love Needs No Language

Love transcends
The barriers of language.

I learnt
From a seven year old
Dutch angel.

If she felt
Love and happiness,
She just ran to me
With arms outstretched
And held me in a tight embrace.

I felt
Eye contact,
A gentle nudge
A warm hug,
Slipping hand
In hand.

Sign language
To comprehend.

Were a rare
We became friends
In seven days

Aren’t words
Quite inapt
To express
Such varied emotions,
Fear of distortion
And miscommunication?

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (4)

words untold are heard seldom tells but only sees...and feels... good write 10 votes
Body language is one way of communicating...more warmth and love expressed with just a touch and embraced...Lovely.
Love needs no words, it's in the heart that it's heard... Nice poem Mamta 10 for you.. Andrew
This is a sweet poem.. Love transcends the barriers of language. expressed well from your heart and how love can transform minds.. thanx for this.10 Rema