Love Not

Poem By She 2Complex

I pretend to be, happy with he
As picture perfect, supposedly
Unknowingly miserably
He loves me, constantly
Love leaves me, hopelessly
To not love or to cheat
Shall I compare thee?
Each is the same
A heart misconception of who to blame
Marriage of vows taunts me
Faithfully, miserably
He stares, unknowingly
Loves me, constantly
Unwanted love, silently

Comments about Love Not

You penned your frustrations perfectly and eloquently. I really like this poem, it resonates. Have to agree with DD beneath. HG: -) xx
very sad, but unfortunately too true. I've been on both sides of unrequited love, and neither is very good. If only we could find some sort of balance or hang on to the things that attract us to each other in the first place. Anyhow, very well written.
Your name says it all. the confusion that defines a deep seated love has been very graphically captured. keep it up rehan

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