Love Note 227

Good afternoon my dear one
I pray you are well
and as I was at the doctors
I thought of you to help
give me strength to
overcome my headache
and make it there.
Please send me some
peace and strength
that the medicines
will work well
to cure the sickness
and take away the pain,
the headache still kills me
sweet one.
Thoughts of you
and feeling your sweet love
will help get me through.
You are my Angel
and can feel you watching over me.

My dear sweet love
feel my arms around you so tight,
and feel as I take your
loving soft precious hand.
I wish so very deeply
and much that you were here
with me one this sick
day to rest,
to just snuggle in comfort
both being healed in loves calm.
Oh my dear darling
I miss you so very much.
Even though I'll be resting
I'll still be with you,
I'm by your side always
my sweet Angel dove.
Hear my hearts call
as I hold you so close.
I love you Kira
you are my only one.

by Michael P. McParland

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