(July 19 1983 / )

Love Note 436

A very good late morning to you
my sweet Angel so very beautiful
and truly good I love you so much
and miss you so bad and I wish you
were here with me to snuggle this day away.
I wish you were here to sweetly kiss
while I held you so close the entire day.

Right now my sweet love I still plan
to just lay here still resting from being weary
and dreaming of you my sweet Kira.
I'm still exhausted and my head is feeling
quite fuzzy from being so tired.
I wrote though because I wanted
to tell you I love you and wish I could hold you,
I want to be with just feeling your soft touch
and kisses so tender and caring.
I can feel you in spirit though dear
and I thank you for that is helping.

So as I'm sure you can see
my thoughts are not the clearest my dear
and I just need to continue to sleep.
remember though my sweet lady that
I so deeply love you and want you
to be here in my arms snuggling tightly,
feel me beside you holding you
and kissing sweetly.
Have a great day my dear darling
and I will try hard to write later my lady.
I just hope that you know how truly deeply
I love you and want you to be here with me
snuggling and spending each day
side by side hand in hand.
I am serious sweet Kira
you are my everything and I am so
completely in love with you my sweet lady.

by Michael P. McParland

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