(July 19 1983 / )

Love Note 437

Good afternoon my sweet Angel dove
and I've been dreaming of you
as I've gone about doing things
for my moms birthday this this day
wishing you and your kids were right here
to enjoy and celebrate,
to enjoy the meal that I make
and perhaps later snuggle
as we watched one of the movies
that my mom will be getting on her special day.
How I wish you were here my special girl
to be with as I kiss and hold
just spending time feeling so good.

I'm sorry sweet one as I still
have much to do so cannot write long,
I wanted to stop in though and say
babe I so deeply love you
and would give anything to right now be with you.
God bless your heart and sweet precious soul
so you'll feel me there right beside you.
I love you so much and will always be yours,
Kira my love you are so perfect
and gorgeously good.

by Michael P. McParland

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