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Love Note And The Necklace
TH (01-15-1976 / Louisiana)

Love Note And The Necklace

Poem By Tajma Hall

a necklace in that I handle
is lace for a pursuing is hung about
sip in delight in the cup
we mate on love gather a swoon
a love note I write
such crawls with space
that we march tithe this race
neck on neck
we tie in a kiss
like a nuisance sprawls
never once have I bothered
to ask for more
a night we share
no interruptions
or in a spell I stand up
as the hour calls lately we drift
on sparing the evening
somehow lifted past
our bodies in the wait
a message is in the lesson
that we speak neither promises
yet heard is a tone
that we should not part
due to the lightening bolts
in ear- the whisper chalice
that chains in lavish earthly
rings a present
a love have in rest
with the other people
people who stand in line
for perhaps a chance
to write or spell a love that promises
on everlasting the purpose that grows
on throughout adulthood
a promise is make
of the last made
is startling the copier
made a flying
off we never handle
angels our carrier for the promises
that take action over the judgment
taken at the foot
of these endearing words
written in letters

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