Love Note On A Dirty Piece Of Paper

We didnt know what forever ment
we tried our very hardest, and our best was never good enough.
I couldnt stay, couldnt let you go down and end up like me
Now your problaby sitting in your apartment listening to Queen like you always did Freddie Mercury Sings 'The show must go on'.

Im sorry i ripped you apart like a piece of paper and even if it feels
like you wanna die, please my dear listen to the angels while they whisper in your ear 'Your strong, you will survive, we will never let you die'

Im sitting behind locked doors writting these words
the sun is setting on my back as im trying to finish this note
on a dirty piece off paper and the ink is slowly fading away from the pen
and with the last breath of the day i apologize for the pain

by Evil Angel

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it's good to hear an apology for once versus the usual...why did i get hurt? thanks for sharing this.