Love Notes On Icy Car Windows (Revisited)

Tonight the sky is heavy:
my shoulders stare at the icy floor.
Frozen fab butts crunch under my fish finger frozen feet.
As the wind bullies itself into every hole of my jumper.
A black angry cloud does not leave my head.
Like a nagging thought.
Love notes on icy car windows
a little reminder
a magic note, for in the morning it will have
melted away under the heat of the streching morning sun.
No one leaves such notes for me.
Like a silent film star, without the old fashioned
black and white looks,
I hushly hover down the street.
No one notices me, why should they? I am only human
and there are plenty of them.
Flickering coloured lights on every house,
A rhythmic magical rainbow of a show.
Inside those lovely warm houses
red faces contemplating cracking open the X mass wine,
Noses sniffing the plastic of fine matured cheese.
I am so hungry
Feeling like Tiny Tim peering in.
I am so cold
Feeling like the little matchstick girl.
Soon all these thoughts will melt away
just like the love notes-
once I have entered into sleep.
Dreams let me into the homes
of those who are celebrating.
The whole street is celebrating
The toy companies, supermarkets,
Farmers, wine shops.
Everyone is happy and celebrating
Arn't they?

by Not Long Left

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