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Love Of Beauty
( / Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India)

Love Of Beauty

Poem By Dr subhendu kar

The talents of creativity as when revered
by heaven’s wish that surges to a height
touching the moon and harvesting the glory
of fame as reasoned by the beauty and bliss

And I simply stand stare the galaxy of stars and sun
as blinking brilliant to your love of creation
as inheritance from a time of ages and eons
may be from Silurian on to this day across

the wings of breath of heavens falling upon
like glaze divine being glimmered by the senses
beyond earthly rambles with all its mirth and muses
as when emblazoned by the flames of love

and I reckon to the rain by the deep clouds
to the summered earth yet with gleeful
sprinkling eyes to the wonders as when wrought
by the glamour of brilliance, and I salute Him

who cerates such time born painter to the earth
when I zonked in the deepest night being reclined
as when promised by the faith of truth across
the gleams of love yet when reasioned by the truth of redolence

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Very wonderfuly and masterly written. Shows great depth.