Love Of Jesus

When Jesus lives within your heart and your spirit yields to His
You will recognize and know His love
And welcome this treasure He freely gives

You will never receive from woman nor man
A love so complete, so - rare
None can compete with Jesus
No man's love can begin to compare

A love so deep with gentleness
With kindness, patience and compassion
A love so loyal and forgiving
A true love everlasting

He shares treasures of God's Kingdom
With those who follow Him
And guides your steps so tenderly
There will be no desire to sin

As closer and closer one draws to Him
This love our Lord does share
A love so tender and sincere
No man can compete, no man can compare.

by Esther G. Underwood

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I completely love this poem 'No man's love can begin to compare' Very very true I give it a 10