Love Of Self Gone Wrong

If you cannot love yourself you cannot love anyone
This is what the wise woman did say to her son
And though there are many forms of love of which all are aware
Those who have love in them have love with others for to share
But narcissism as is said is self love gone wrong
And to any form of love it does not belong
Narcissistic people their own praises only does sing
The admiration of self in life is their thing
Themselves alone they can only admire
And of talking of self they never seem to tire
Since they lack in real love, compassion and empathy
For those doing it tough in life they cannot feel any sympathy
Since they are narcissistic and to love narcissism does not belong
In reality one can say it is self love gone wrong.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (2)

Francis, such a remarkable poem...............................
well and good Francis, but what's the cure?