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Love Of The Past
FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)

Love Of The Past

Poem By Francis Utada

A poem should be written to brighten one day
Not to make them cry and the guilt of love
A poem should be the one to give confidence
Not the one to break you down into the ground

hunderds of poems written everyday for us all
hundreds of tears has fell into the words of it
Should we must go on and see them cry
For all I care is happiness of them

Yet in every tears they shed I see light within
And in their cries what's behind is the will to live
To rise up once again and fall inlove again
But while the poem makes them cry....
Rest assure that love of the past is still in your heart.

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i wonder if you know me, it seems most of your poems are directed to me, hehehe... (paranoid me!) ... will look forward on your next mark! =)