Love Of Thy Ending

The ways that’s possible for him to speak into her heart in value.
Hesperian for as another evening awaits the thought he been sighting to see.
Express the love in ways that’s truly been helpful for him to cope with.
Love as to take in his enjoyable life here, to take again fourth.
Over the sight of why he must face with the fears of, how?
Vanishing ways that take for so long to accomplish what his love here has done.
End for not he loves but for take whatever he deals to sight his thoughts again.
Internal love that brings fourth him into her for again and again as she tumbles away.
Nothing comes in line again as if his life is playing over again.
He stands in wait for them to fall in the road of choice that leads her to him.
End the chances by saying that one if met forever forgotten for the other.
Attitude to strive by luck into brining my fourth in line again.
Rage for things, not thought to be explain but again to say why must she go.
To her, would you love him as if he was yourself, striving for the same lesson?
Thought his passion to be the same but different reason for lyrics in my words.
Oh, the sight of love, so imaginable to be controlled by one dropp of tear to say it all.
Was this meant to be thought, to be any better as his songs impress one and another?
Afterwards he said, “Why” because of him, he wouldn’t be here to talk.
Rounding up the chances for what she came for in the sense of sorry in his words.
Down in the thoughts, staring into space, still thinking why and how to be for her?
She as his love came back to her in the hope for a better outrage for lover.
He in his exceeding ways as he brings fourth again loves in his only desire.
Enter his mind as if things are so imaginably beautiful in his creation the desire to break.
Remade the song over and over to get the right sound out of her.
As he sings his words travel thought his mind of ways to get across her in her love.
Singing about his love songs over and over again to impress her on what he’s done.
Is his joy set to jest again on what he may do to be for one of them?
Sounds of the water as the sound of the beach talks to him through his thoughts.
Prettily his example in the pretty one but again set an example for him to do again.
Ender the mind, of more end of the close that explains for her life.
As they learn he would attend the will of his ways towards her in his thoughts.
Know why they must be the same but as different as the others explain.
To then, wisely that things would never in ways that operate.
Over the eye on what she explains to happen as if his in he diary.
Her eyes that cry out the message about what going on.
Exit the life that he enter and move to a new welcome sign for himself.
Right, the turn that makes a clockwise go to the end of his days.
Influancely into doing a better chance for dim to her.
Night, as he plays through intell the morning hits him to see.
Joy of what he loves and hates for his explanation of heart.
Out by the dock looking to the west saying the prayer of piece.
Young was that gives love a chance to go back and accomplish itself grain.
On to the love of sound that examines him for belief in the world above them.
For what he says is only an example of why his fate lies where it is now.

Happiness is given for the reason of why we accomplish our hard task for joy.
Adequate to his love that can be meant for her to be here for the better.
Pass the requirement of his task to move on with ones that better for him.
Prearrange the love by other to wait intell the effects get huge and outrageous.
Integument the heart for the excepting fear that may fall out of place.
Negligence in care for others example of why they must see that only way.
Entire force that separates him into the others as if he doesn’t know them.
Safari his expedition for his took between life and death himself decries.
Safe keeping the memories of time of enjoyment that may be the best for him.
That love itself can be a life fact that brings him towards her.
Has his love accomplish the task it conceives to devoir the trust into her.
At any possible ways that seem so unbelievable for him to express as himself.
Try to be his own self again when the heart breaking times has been over with.
Bring the waves for the water to vanish all my pain into excitement.
Reform them that this may be the smallest example of true fate.
Inability to perform what he wants to do into making a better cause for him.
Not the fact that he would expect the challenges that may face him.
Gone in the wind and foreseen not to turn back in the ways we fear.
Sadly but not be thankful for what has been taken for the one.
The tragity that divines the forces of truth into the lies.
He who had come back from the depression he once stand for.
End his chances to move on with his dreams on for being stun by the facts of the results.
Moving the sound of word that describes the felling of why the felling of why this must be so.
Together in tragity that repeat the means to get across the reasons why this must be.
Open the mind of knologe to know how to feel towards different opportunities.
Get in the way of other things that worries not bet them in their love for one.
Entail, as if the words have another meaning to him as if his mind is misgiving.
The laughter of friends that bring him to a way of knowing what to look forward to.
Hear the lyrics as the describes how he feels about one and another.
Entertaining music as if he is devolves in the sound itself.
Recount the times that others had hurt her own feelings.
For the end is near and many be coming faster than it seems to be.
Own life is divided into a good and a bad that explains someone towards someone else.
Reach for the life as seems to be never forgotten for her to believe.
Love comes again as if it the first time he has experience love in his life.
Openhanded as she is towards the love that can be given for her own sake.
Vaunt about others and only working about him if he should come to the other.
End my statement finally as it begins if this seems the beginning of a new start.

by James Anderson

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This is good, I love it.