Love? Orhate? , Real? Orfake?

A lover of one but is that one real or fake authentic or just another replica fading away. I keep chasing the lost so it can be found in amazement. Somtimes I close my eyes, making a wish and then kissing the sky wondering if my dreams will become a reality through the night? or am I dead like the Rest In but I still gets no Peace. People always think seeing is believing but I'm not average I believe in beileving and not seeing until I see it. Will I overcome this maze goin crazy? , ... maybe? To be honest I was mad at love for a minute, dissappointed in the finish. It never gave me time, like I knew what was happening but it just disappeared like sand going through my hands in a matter of fearing seconds. I had a grip on the world, as to be confident but sooner than I thought she slipped off the top of my finger tips. Her lips so lucious turned into furious words with spit in disgust..., mentally. So nomore will I lust for love but love the love, for the love that my true love gives shall accept my flaws.

by Yeoj Lavodnas

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