Love Paradise

A place were
Everything is cool and calm
were you can't survival alone
Expert with a lover
Were there is no noise
Expert the echo of your voice
Were your personality did not matter
But your love is needed
Were you can't feel lonely
But always with your love
Were you think about nothing
But you think about your love
Were everybody is equal
Were there is no law
But everybody do what is right
Were you don't cry
But always smile
Were you care about nothing
But you care for your treasure
The place were only you
And your love we live for
Rest of your life
Were everybody wish to go
But a little reach there
Because only these who
Truly love live in
Love paradise

by Okunuga Olanreywaju

Comments (2)

A refined poetic imagination, Okunuga. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you
Nice poem here my friend!