Love Poem-11

Poem By Devraj Harikrishna

I am back to say you that I am dead
I am not joking and I am not mad
Look at me there is no skin on
I am simply a white skeleton

Check my beats and veins
Hit me hard it won't give me pain
I was buried in the graveyard
I came out to say you few word

I am already dead don't cry
you have future and you have to fly
Do not dial me again and again
you won't get other than pain

I am a past or a history
live your life and do not worry
Just keep a flower on my monument
Do not recall me and do not get faint

Do not scare of me I have no life
I was dropped from the edge of knife
Things were planned and it has gone
Do not stop at me you please go on

Do not cry and do not dial to me
I am a past you can see
I came here to say that I am dead
I am not joking and I am not mad

Comments about Love Poem-11

yes! during the fast track of life humanity is dead. nice job with a secret message of life and death. Thanks for share.

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