Love Poem-24

Poem By Devraj Harikrishna

My heart fumbles… My beats are high
I feel am going to dye in shy.

Heart speaks for you, listen it once
Changed outline of mine look at a chance
I don’t know about my status, where I am!
You hypnotize me but that is not an offense
Night become stronger, darling you disappear
I have my heart for you, thought enhance.

What with the face and figure, measure my adore
How ugly am I, is not a matter! All love matter
I am mad for your all attitudes
Don’t ache me much, sweetheart on my swear.
Moon has gone down in the presence of your
I have madly love with you, touch me oh dear

I suffer like a fish with out water
Grace me love oh my beloved lover
Recollecting your stance in my mind
Living; focus at you on my somber
Shadow is here, you are where?
Call her; my heart is house of her.

With out you my world feel incomplete
Believe me, only we are complete.

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