Very Kind
As You Might Find
Respect As You Expect
Caring And Fair
Do People Really Care
Loving And Trusting
Tenacity Is A Thirst
Beauty And Beautiful
Angel Of Angels
Generous To A Fault
Intelligence In Droves
Modest Not Like Most
Family Comes First
Funny And Fun
Hardworking, Work, Never Left Undone
Everyone Treated Equal
Peaceful And Tranquil
Best Of The Best
How A Mother Should Be, Very Special
A Spirit That Is Free!

by Justin Ashford

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Quick, sharp, and straight into the jugular. I often enjoyed Brautigans books, now some time with his poetry.
Brautigan.... Oops he did it again!
Sweet to the point!
Best poem in ages.... Love gets so built up you cant admit its gone sometimes... The emperor is naked