Love Poets

The love poets sit and write psalms or
songs with the extension of their palms
they sit and wait untill they catch a glimpse of you
Because girls like you are the inspiration
The poet is dying to find a way to re-create your beauty
but what we create can only do so much as to aleviate
The stress that builds on our chest,
I feel it everytime i sit beside you
I jot down lyrics each time i sight you
and if i could slip you this kiss you
could circle yes, no or maybe, despite who might see

Your the inspiration that keeps me writing without end
You make me wish i had and unlimited amount of ink in this pen
because each time i write a poem, and you that its about
I start describing why i love you, and the ink in my pen just runs out
You could say im a love poet, but what
would these be without you.
Every syllable, line, metaphor is completely about you
Just, dig through the meaning
I hope you start to understand what my feelings are
Because when i write poetry, i feel this bar set by you and i cant reach
I want to incorporate your beauty into my poems, please teach
since this lesson would take much longer than 1 session
I cant wait for you and i to continue this progression

by Jason Murak

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I like this one more than 'hopeless romanticists' But I prolly like 'Me & you' the most. Utensils has crazy flow also. & also did you tell everyone about this cause I really like writing this stuff, for me. U know? idk i guess i dont care, but anyways does Garrett have an account too?