A Dog's Love Is Pure

A Dog's Love is Pure

I walk through the door
Paws hit the floor
Little nub going back and forth
Just like you did every time before

I rub your head for a while
I hold you in my arms, I can feel your love
Your body hits the tile
Time for a belly rub

I've come to know
A love like yours is hard to show
Between two legged people like me
Who come and go so easily

Without a word
We all disappear
Showing no concern
Shedding no tears

We forget about each other
Move on without care
Try to find your kind of love
And can't find it anywhere

But I know I've got your love
A love not passing or vague
Yes I know for sure
That your love is here to stay

To you I don't seem bad
To you I don't get turned away
Whenever I'm sad
You're there to save my day

You've always got time for me
You're never mean, You never flee
It's something I can't explain
But it's so plain to see
That a dog's love is pure

When I've got a problem
You're all ears, in a trance
Let's turn on some Elvis
May I have this dance?

I know I'm not perfect
Not clean of sin, like you
But you don't seem to care
Your love always wins
And I can't believe it's true
That a dog's love is pure.

When you grow old and frail
Moving slowly across the floor
I call your name, and watch your stare
Your little nub wiggles
And I'm still sure
A dog's love is pure

When we say goodbye
And your soul runs free
I'll think and smile at our memories
Because I truly loved you, and you truly loved me
Until the end, until we meet again
I know a dog's love is pure.

by Andy Bradford

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Fantastic expressions. He played his wings as though for flight They webbed the sky with glassy light. Enjoyed the short and sweet poem. Thanks for sharing.10 points.