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October Landscape

It's over -
The orgiastic frenzy of a brutal sky.
In the restive fields now ripple
Wave after green wave.

The white of the kohua
Breaks the lull of an inky sky.
An autumn sky whispers -
There's a season for every poem.

In every crease of descending light
A revelation.
With every emotion
Awakens a word…

[Kohua is a kind of river reed with fluffy white flowers]

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please read my poems. i love to write romantic poems. for example after a nights passion
Through your heart I hear the music play, From this I will not stray. This is how it reminds me everyday, That our love will never fade away. such a lovely love poemmmmm full of romance and passion. love it
Listen to the heartbeats I send, Your soul I will defend. My soulmate, you are my only true friend, Always here for you, forever until the end. such a superb love poem. full of romance and love soooooooo beautiful. come to our newfound immortality. The ending is also superb! ! tony