Love Reinforced

A young girl with cammo eyes,
And a belly full of butterflies,
Stands with a boy that she loved from the start,
Knowing that there is no way they can fall apart.

Feeling their undeniable connection,
And feeling his unending care and affection,
She feels how truly lucky she is,
And they know a tether goes from her heart to his.

For her, love would never work or so it had seemed,
And now she's happier than she ever could have dreamed,
Before him she felt she had no luck,
Until that first time he got out of his truck.

On that day her life was changed forever,
There was no guy for her that could have ever been better,
She could finally smile without it feeling forced,
That day her faith in love was newly reinforced.

Before he came along she had lost all hope,
She knew with another broken heart she couldn't cope,
And now she stands with the boy she knows is her soul mate,
Giddy and excited like a race horse at a gate.

He is without a doubt her happily ever after,
Just with the thought of him her heart beasts faster,
She will always be her very best for him,
She knows her desire for him will never be dim.

She finally found her knight in shining armor,
Now it's clear why so many weren't true to her,
And so begins their journey together,
And hopefully it's one that goes on forever.

by angel menzies

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