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Love Remembered
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Love Remembered

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Time after time I look at it all,
And see so much unhappiness that I cannot recall,
The last time I saw love in away that is was meant to be,
Or the last time I felt love in all the ways that it should be.

Love Remembered,
Love Refined,
Love Envisioned,
Love by Your Side.

To many maybe's to always have doubts,
To many uncertainties that leave love fading with doubt.

I ask myself questions about what it all means,
Do I give up or continue to seek.

That feeling of elation,
When the world spins in two.
That feeling in your belly when you know love is true.

Love Remembered I have this still.
Deep in my heart I carry it with me for you.

Are you out there?
Is it for me?
Do I begin from the end and find my way back again?

So many questions to ponder and count.

Leave love in the open and logic somewhere along with doubt,

Its a funny spell that happens when you don't see,
You just know in your heart, happiness is within that simple reach.

My love is remembered,
My love is true,
My love is heartfelt,
My love is true.

Yet when that feeling of uncertainties comes back again,

I must always remember,

Love will find its way again.

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