Love Revealed

It is only now once all
the coins have been
spent, do I realise how
much I miss you.
There is nothing but an
empty pocket in need of
When we sat in silence
watching the television
it was just that,
it is only now that i realise
somewhere in that silence
was love.
And when we told each
other how much we hated
each other
somewhere in the violence
of our warring words
was love.
Now as I place my hand on
your uncreased pillow
I feel the cold breath
of loneliness
with nothing but an empty space
to keep me warm.

by Not Long Left

Comments (2)

'...somewhere in the warring words was love.' I get that. Yes, a heartfelt write. Thanks, Vincent.
So sad and empty. A heart felt write. Nicely put Patricia Gale