Love's Blessing Found

Desire is human,
self-seeking I have.
The dreams of tomorrow
I weave and engrave.

And pride is reluctant
to give up its way,
as ego emerges
from hiding at bay.

But shame quickly steps up
toward selfish intent.
Disaster befalls
upon man's own content.

Then follows a radiance;
God's mercy and care
to warn me in wisdom
against death and despair.

My path is enlightened,
away from the pit.
Its closets bare open,
its niches, well lit.

God's light fills a dark void
like waves fill the sea.
Like bird's flight above hills,
His Spirit is in me.

Eyes sparkled in brightness,
pride's burden fell off.
Love's blessing flowed gently
and turned wolf into dove.

With tenderness, softly,
God showed me the way.
Love's binding for ever
shall keep sin away.

O, blessed this hour
God's love was revealed.
In peaceful encounter
my soul was redeemed.

by Donka Kristeva

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