Love's Bounty

If I had a lifetime's sins

to spend
I would spend them all on you

for your single kiss.

If all my yearnings could be gathered and condensed
I'd place them before you

for a single glance;
and tell you

I want you.

If all time allotted to me on this earth
was a single instant

I'd open-palm offer it to you
and gladly pronounce you

worth it.

If love mine
was all I had

I'd give it
asking nothing in return;

because self-less love
even if unrequited
has no need for recompense

or return;
but love of this kind for you
has already made me
a better person
than I am.

If you too
reach for me
to paint my soul
with the crimson brush
which are you lips,
then I'll be all the more blessed.

If not
this heart will not burst
for Love's True Bounty

Love Immortal
subfussing the soul
which never dies;
A bounty which is the Heart's True Salvation
For that

I thank you
my sweet
my lady.

by Lonnie Hicks

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