Love's Embrace

Embrace me in your vibrant arms of steel
and slowly flood my spirit with your soul.
Enwrap my heart with love to help me heal
from memories of hate which had control.

Seduce my fading light I've hid within
and lead me on a journey through your dreams.
Soft strokes will paint a mural on my skin
as passion's key unlocks romantic schemes.

Arousing whispers reignite my fire
as tender kisses fuel this growing flame.
Emotions flowing forth from you inspire
and transfer to me in this lovers' game.

Your power gently penetrates my core
and travels deep into excitement's realm.
With rhythmic waves of joy we can't ignore,
sensations dominate and seize the helm.

Enveloped in the scents of blissful play,
we climb the path which leads to rapture's peak.
Entwined in ecstasy, our spirits lay
upon elation's bed where rest we seek.

This ravishment you've shared with me tonight
has helped a wounded heart begin to mend.
My spirit has released the evil might
and to you all my love I now can send.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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