Love's Loneliness

Old fathers, great-grandfathers,
Rise as kindred should.
If ever lover's loneliness
Came where you stood,
Pray that Heaven protect us
That protect your blood.

The mountain throws a shadow,
Thin is the moon's horn;
What did we remember
Under the ragged thorn?
Dread has followed longing,
And our hearts are torn.

by William Butler Yeats

Comments (19)

Nice poem... Thought provoking that leaves the reader with a lot uncertainty...
Reminds me of Jimmy Fallon when he shares inside jokes with the guest. I know it must be funny because both of them are laughing, and I would too if I got it.
Reminds me of Jimmy Fallon and his private jokes with his guest. What the hell are they talking about? I know it must be funny, but what is it?
Widowed, lonely, longing, Days passing without meaning Wondering when again our hearts shall be whole But for now, tearing, shredded, ever so slightly
A beautiful poem and with certain nice meanings......The great poetry.
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