Beyond The Moon

[Written to the Most Beautiful Woman in the World]

M< Sweetheart is the TRUTH BEYOND THE MOON,
And never have I been in love with Woman,
Always aspiring to be set in tune
With one who is invisible, inhuman.

O laughing girl, cold TRUTH has stepped between,
Spoiling the fevers of your virgin face:
Making your shining eyes but lead and clay,
Mocking your brilliant brain and lady's grace.

TRUTH haunted me the day I wooed and lost,
The day I wooed and won, or wooed in play:
Tho' you were Juliet or Rosalind,
Thus shall it be, forever and a day.

I doubt my vows, tho' sworn on my own blood,
Tho' I draw toward you weeping, soul to soul,
I have a lonely goal beyond the moon;
Ay, beyond Heaven and Hell, I have a goal!

by Vachel Lindsay

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Reminds me of Jimmy Fallon when he shares inside jokes with the guest. I know it must be funny because both of them are laughing, and I would too if I got it.
Reminds me of Jimmy Fallon and his private jokes with his guest. What the hell are they talking about? I know it must be funny, but what is it?
Widowed, lonely, longing, Days passing without meaning Wondering when again our hearts shall be whole But for now, tearing, shredded, ever so slightly
A beautiful poem and with certain nice meanings......The great poetry.
It seems to me that this poem cannot be explained from within. And that I think is a fault in a poem. A poem which is explicable only, or in part, by reference to history or philosophy etc., or has inexplicable internal inconsistencies or gnomic statements, is an imperfect poem, and bad manners on the part of the poet. There should be in a poem everything needed to understand it.. It may be that there are ideas or words etc. in a poem which are foreign to the reader, but, these explained, a poem should be internally complete. After all, we are reading poetry not history etc. At the same time there is a rhetorical beauty about this poem. Perhaps Yeats was talking to those who would know what he was talking about, and forgot about his wider audience.
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