Love's Lost Highway

I don't know when I took the turn
That put me on this road.
I guess I missed the sign that said,
'Where broken hearts abode.'

I've walked this lonely road so long
I really could not say,
How many times I've stopped to love
Along 'Love's Lost Highway.'

And I really don't remember
How many years it's been.
I hope I've many miles to go
Before I love again.

I haven't spent a lot of time
At stops along the way.
But sometimes we just have to put
Our lonely hearts in play.

And so today I stopped to rest
To taste of love once more.
But once again she broke my heart,
As others have before.

So now it's time I journey on,
I've thrown my heart away.
And lost my love again somehow,
Along 'Love's Lost Highway.'


Comments (8)

Such an ease and flow to this poem. Touching read..Enjoyed; D
this is a masterpiece. so touching. seemed real. sir, if it is, I am sorry. Take what you have learnt and continue living.
oh, my dearest, your words are written so eloquently. love on display only to be disregarded once again. perhaps the end is near and the road will finally end and the sign of 'Love Is Found' will be pointing down an old dirt road that you have never seen before. outstanding write for your number one.
I took your advice to read this. Funny, but I think we are carrying on a poetic conversation unbeknownst to each other. Perhaps it is age. Perhaps it is experience. Perhaps it is a tone of mind. This poem immediately made me remember my poem Who I She? which explores some of the same ground. Who is she? was written about I year after I got my hair back after chemo. I appreciate that the voice of Love's Lost Highway is not bitter or rejecting, but still open, still present as a caring person. Well done. It is not that love has been lost, but that you have known it, and still are open. Val
When ever there is hope in the heart and faith in one's soul love will abound.Very nice poem, Greenwolfe1962.I appreciate your efforts and I hope you will continue to write poetry...Happy 4th of July! ! ! ! !
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