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Love's Not All Joy And Happiness

For loving someone truly the price can be huge to pay
That is how it is and that's how 'twill be for it has always been this way
The poets write about love the singers of it sing
Though few talk of unrequited love though there is such a thing
And even for true love that is mutual there are deep feelings at stake
And for one or for both parties it can end in heartbreak
Hatred in relationships more often than not is love turned upside down
Stories of ill feeling between those once in love in every village, city and town
Thousands of divorces and separations in the World every day
Between people who once loved each other deeply though love between them did not stay
People have been falling in and out of love for centuries of years
And love that brings joy and laughter can often end in tears
Love's not all joy and happiness just ask the divorced wife
She will tell you falling in love with her ex husband was her greatest mistake in life.

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