Love's Own Hour


Away—tis written—fate has spoken
The stern decree may not be broken,
Though love had link'd us, ocean's wave
Must roll between the fond and brave.

Though doom'd to cross the restless sea
My heart and soul remain with thee.

There is a soft and solemn hour
When I would have thee think of me.

From dawn to dark, and through each watch
Of nights dark reign I'll think of thee.

When shadows soft and sun rays bright
In heaven's blue vault are meeting,
When rosy clouds are tipp'd with light,
And day and night are greeting.

When one lone star, looks from above
The jnatehless, peerless, Queen of love ;
When murmuring Avaves are hush'd to sleep,
Like a cradled child, the slumbering deep—
Then think of me

Ill think of thee.

The silent rest of that still air,
Then should some vagrant zephyr stir
O think it is a wandering prayer
Breath'd from the lonely heart of her
Who thinky of thee
(Both repeat)

The silent rest &c.

by Josias Homely

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