MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Love's Perfection

Oh I am so fortunate.
In the past and in the present.

We fell in love, and loved
and it was total
and unexpected
and revelatory
and unique, of course
and consuming
and falling in love with the whole world too
and with life itself
and a compass
and the possibility of a map
and lacked nothing
and was everything.

And it was so perfect
that now
when I see your double around the town
who looks just like you
and was you

there is no need for nostalgia
or regrets
or how-it-might-have-been-if
or even self-congratulation
because it was so complete
and completed.

I am so fortunate.
I would like to think
(for we talk, easily, but never of the past)
that it is the same for you

for that way, completeness is doubled
and something, perhaps
given to the world.

We are so fortunate.

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Comments (2)

If only we all could have your ability to express our feelings, we would be as rich as you. Rusty
Michael, you are so blessed. This is really beautiful. Chrissie.