! Love's Pledge - From Mechthild Of Magdeburg

Two lovers in an inner room withdrawn,
and speaking much of love, as one to one;
and yet their speech so ardent in its truth,
not sound but rather silence seems to reign.

These silent lovers are the soul and God;
their silence, prayer, which brought them, joins them, here;
they talk of all that lovers ever speak,
and plight their troth as lovers ever swear:

'Yet nought I have to give you, but myself;
and that I give, and beg of you to take;
and nought I ask of you, but that yourself
you give to me in truth for my soul's sake...'

No lovers' pledge more common, nor more true;
no love more constant; nor more holy vow.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (5)

.....very beautiful....thank you for sharing ★
God is suredly and truly the Silence between any acts or protestations of love. So vivid.
Lovely poem. Thank you.
Beautiful, Michael.
Lovely, open, smashing: -)