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Love's Realm
MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Love's Realm

My heart tells me we will meet again,
The silver rain is coming to an end
Which forms an alluring embrace from the
Eloquent sun pressing itself through the captivating sky.
Our paths will collide again,
And when they do,
I want to be embraced with nothing
But your charm,
Your angelic touch that walks all over my skin
Developing an untold story waiting for the sun
To swim through the sky and
Kiss the very surface
Of our grounds leaving my heart in awe.
Before the last dropp of rain splatters on visible grass,
I want to be seen by your exquisite eyes.
Capture me with the vigorous strength in your
Hands and pull me closer,
Inhibit me from enduring my journey alone,
And as the sun begin to slide
Towards the edge of the sky,
Wake my mind with the sudden powers of you.
Take me where the stars meet the sky
And forms a dream,
Carry me where rain fabricates above the clouds.
I believe we will meet again,
And when that day surfaces,
I want to taste nothing but your aroma crawling
On my skin like the wind on a summer’s day.

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Dearest Composer.. Once in a while an uncommonly talented writer is able to extract from deep inside us, words that we could never quite perfectly string together ourselves. When that moment comes around and we see what we cannot explain executed so vividly yet so simply, we're sometimes left in a state of amazement. Naturally, our eyes scan the text again and yes, the words are still there - still allowing one to feel as if they were composed solely for the reader. My dear Maria, I took a chance, ventured into your Love's Realm and as I depart with your words, I feel as if someone finally understands. Thank you love.