CR (May 7,1981 / South Jersey)

Love's Test

As I step out the door and feel my feet
hit the crisp, frozen ground
and the cold, brisk air engulfs my body
as it howls all around,
Mother Nature seems to numb my pain,
if only for a brief minute.
Until I remember how empty my life is
because you are not in it.
I take my time as I walk to our spot;
the bench overlooking the lake.
I dream of us snuggling and kissing
and I truly don't want to awake.
The clear, dark sky and bright, shining stars
make for such a beautiful view.
And for each star I count I think of a reason
as to why I so love you.
But before I could finish my lengthy list
of all the reasons why,
I realized there were just not enough
bright, shining stars in the sky.
I sit on the bench and I pray to God
(since no one else wants to hear me.)
And I tell him I'm sad and that I'm afraid
because you are not with me.
I wait for his reply and soon I hear,
'Don't be sad or afraid anymore.
Keep your love strong and soon enough
he will once again be yours.
To have and to hold, in sickness and in health
as long as you both shall live.
You will be happy forever if you can remember
how much love you each have to give.'
With all that said I found myself
slowly making my return.
And I thanked God for helping me
with some things I needed to learn.
I truly love you, Jeremy.
I love you with all that I have.
You're my best friend, my lover, my confidant,
and my future children's dad!
Please, oh please don't stop loving me
because we're so far apart.
Distance has absolutely nothing to do with
what we feel in our hearts.
I'll be right here waiting patiently
until your term is done.
And then we can start our life together
full of love, laughter, and fun!

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