DL (November 6,1988. / Pirmasins, Germany)

Love's Trials Lost

I sit and ponder,
Our love obscure.
-And all the times, you’ve turned away.

You say you love me,
-And yet you run to her.
Death claims you with her herbs and ashes.

A remembrance of what was ‘fore.
I cannot wait for you;
My heart has bled,

Many tears I’ve wept.
My soul has faded into the wisps of time;
Tired and lonely it was cast away,

Desecrated and posthumous ‘tis.
No more but leaves on a lonely grave.
How to explain this ache inside?

A word says nothing at all.
And yet-
it says it all.

Like the rain, falling over my face.
Like these tears which slip and slide.
Like the wind which steals my wail.

Like a word which hides it all.

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