MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Love Said.. A Paraphrase Of A Study Group On Love

Love said,
I made you

Your body was conceived in love.
Your mind was conceived in love.
Your spirit was conceived in love.

I made your body to stand,
to walk, to dance, to make love
in love.

I made your senses
to touch love, to taste love,
to see love, to find space in love,
to hear love, everywhere

for I made everywhere

I made your mind
to know love’s substance
which no alteration finds,
to know the flow of love,
the fire of love, love in the air,
to hear what love speaks;

to know love in your reason,
to reason love;
to know why love is everywhere;
to know how to find love in hate;
to know why justice, mercy, grace, are love;
to know love in surrender;
to know how love turns faith to love;
to know love’s play in love’s creation;
to know that love is always now;
to know love's neighbour is yourself;
and when least visible,
to know love frees and balances;
to know why all seek love.

I made your spirit and your heart,
I made your very self
as every self
to be Myself; to show Myself;

Love said

I made you.

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Love, yes love, if only we all knew, that love is all we need to heal our troubled world. Yes to love you is to love me as well. same as to hate you is to hate me as well. Michael you have written what life should be for us all...because we are one. Thank you regards Bob
This is a word picture of God experiencing Himself in so many ways as Love - as He is. Wonderful reminder.
I love it! Such a bold and beautiful declaration of love! I love the litany of it and how it is concieved and how it sets up its own perpetual motion. I love the eager honesty of it and the gentleness of its force surging through the lines to touch the mind with the softest caresse. This is elemental and...divine. love Donall Donall
So it worked then? ..
Mmmmm and this is a wonderful tribute to love Michael, it flows beautifully, just like love. Smiling at you, Tai, taking you off my banned list! lol