Why I Rite Poems (Some Parts Rhime Some Don'T)

Folks ask me why do you (Billy Bob) write them poems
I am here to explain why this very think in this poem now
(that was the do not Rhimie part)

When I were a kid
the writing I did
Did not Rhime
Not at that time

Then one day
I was pitchin some hay
And the fork flew from my hand(s)
and where did it land?
On top of my head
I could have been dead
But insead I got up to my feet
and thought ain't life sweet

Now when I write
It makes me look brite
Cause I found out
What writtin is about
And that though I didn't know it
it turns out I am a poet
(I did borrow those last two lines sorta from somebody unknows poem)

The End - of this poem

voting rules are below the same as I
put on my other poems if you are new please read before voting.

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probably don't tell them if you did not vote more than a 5

by Billy Bob Noes

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