CGT (February 11th,1988 / Killeen, Texas)

Love Song

Every moment spent with you, I cherish
Each and every second spent with you
I feel as if it is the end, I embellish
We will make many new memories to last

When with you time ceases to exist
Nothing else matters, just you and I
Better than anything else I insist
I never want this to end, we will last

You are my everything, you are my world
I love you with every piece of my heart
Every instant we are in a dreamworld
Perhaps it will be our time at last

I never thought I would feel this way
About someone so out of this world
I have never felt more real this day
I believe you and I, are built to last

(August 18th,2006)

by Christopher G. Turner

Comments (1)

Nice move on the last verse. I know you debated about where it should end. That was the right decision.