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Love Song For New York City
JS (12/2/1989 / Antartica)

Love Song For New York City

New york, New york
the life I spent; the love I learned
I did warm you,
you did embrace me

New york, New york
Never did I comprehend,
Why were you still lonely,
with all your rivers of affluence?

New york, New york
I stood in awe,
you gave me a tear
why were you cold, when you had many?

New york, New york
why did you weep for me?
How did I rejoice for you?
together we flew;
hand in hand beyond the blue

New york, New york
what penance can I do,
to leave you behind?
what rituals must I perform,
to rest your case?

New york, New york
why do I come back to yesterday,
when I have today to rule?
stuck in a moment, am I?
or do you still have some of mine?

New york, New york
forward, I look;
hard it may be,
I bid you adieu
before you consume me

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Comments (2)

nice tribute to NYC....nice write...how could I forget that city..where I live for a decade.., , Ency Bearis
Well, yer remind me of great Nu York.The memories of you still linger in me.nice piece solomon.