Love Songs Of Radha And Krishna 7

He came yester night
Or did I dream
That I melted, all?
Or did it seem?

The flood that swept me
Into his arms
That roused my crisp breasts
To love’s kiss-storms

His fiery breathing
That burned my heart
Is it real, is it?
Or dream’s idle art?

Back ground:

Every lover is Krishna and every beloved is Radha. The legend of their love is experienced by all that have felt Love’s electrifying touch. I share the opinion that ‘Krishna and Radha symbolize the Embrace of Yin and Yang, the Unification of Masculine and Feminine energies, the merging of Humanity and the Divine. When one transcends and awakens to the Truth, one sees that we are all united with the universe and that we are never alone. When our energies balance, we manifest our own reality. That is the essence of Krishna and Radha, the Divine Embrace’.

by Komarraju Venkata Vinay

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