Love Sonnet 171: 'Through Windows Dark, Show How Wildly It Rains'

Poem By Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Through windows dark, show wildly how it rains,
To form street rivulets, as though poured wine,
Then gushing into waiting sewer drains,
It seeks the seaward creek to mix with brine;
The sun makes vapors rise to be the clouds,
Which drop as rain again, to awe my heart,
Much like my love who left me cloud that shrouds
My days in grey, that never would depart;
But rains kept falling since, no love returned,
It rains like storm now, yet no love is found,
If rainclouds doubled then, the rain that's churned,
My love is doubtful still to come around;
....Rain can come and go, any other day,
.....But I wish for my love to come and stay.

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