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Love Sonnet X
(18 May 1890 – 22 January 1964 / Brisbane)

Love Sonnet X

And then came Science with her torch red-lit
And cosmic marvels round her glowing head—
The primal cell, the worm, the quadruped—
Striving to make each to the other fit.
Tongue-trumpeting her own unchallenged wit,
She offered me the woof of Wisdom’s thread,
And Truth and Purity that hourly tread
The paths where sages in their wonder sit.

And still I smiled and kissed you with a sob.
My lips on yours, I heard, high up above
Love’s feet ring laughter on the starry sod
And felt the echo through our bosoms throb.
Beloved, Science ends in our pure love
Which shares alone the secrets of our God.

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Comments (4)

Woof of wisdom's thread..... excellent poem...
Science ends in our pure love. Limitations of science marvelously unfolded. Thanks for sharing and congrats on modern poem of the Day.
a lovely poem about the here and now? and how a kiss transcends what we know.
The echo through our bosoms! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.