Love Spell

If when we fall in love the love is so great,
Every day I won't be in this world I hate.
Every night i'd fall asleep,
Hoping you'll wake up next to me.
We aren't perfect, we all make mistakes,
We will get through them, doesn't matter how long it takes.
I love you; I think you love me,
But, why is this love so crucial and mean.
Our love is passionate and full of wonders,
Atleast that's true for real young lovers.
Every kiss is like a magical fairy tale waitin' to be told,
My final chapter is with you my heart is sold.
When i'm with you my heart skips a beat,
Then strollin' down, is a tear upon my cheek.
This is something strong that i hope we both feel,
Cause you made my fairy tale dream come real.
I only want you, no one else,
Just to cherish the memories and moments we both felt.

by Jocelyn Fonseca

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