Love Spill

Poem By Poet Dragon

I plied the wine dark waters of the world
whose depths carry all the unknown
holding tightly to my cargo of dreamstuff
fearing pirates but moreso being alone

I saw around me other ships take harbor
some sank against the rocks along the way
still others fled free holding trust together
I myself was still adrift upon the waves

I knew I could not wander forever on the sea
or tread the troubled waters with any haste
So in the depths of my heart sprang a crack
and leaked out love like radioactive waste

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Poet Dragon

'Within you lurks a Poet and a Dragon.'
A phrase which carries ambience and flair.
The words of one are passionate and poison
The other one, psychotic, doesn't care


What was there left of her
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Questions From A Bi-Polar Freak...

Why the rage? Why the burden?
I can dropp it all without a second thought
except to linger and spread word of handsome things