MF ( / Cape Town)

Love Squandered

Love was never my goal
Always finding an entertaining excuse to frivole.
I thus snickered when I side-stepped my soul
And so sought new avenues in which to cajole.

Soon I convincingly snagged myself in its cause
Rushing in blindly with charming oaths and covert marital flaws.
Constantly seeking its irresistible orbits and pleasurable awes
Henceforth I strayed with nary a pause.

Finally, it rightfully relinquished its grip.
I even rebuked love’s call from a sinking ship!
And so clung on with all but fingertip
Love now departed, severed from my hip.

That familiar and comforting whiff irretrievably spent
That falsified place inside all twisted, open and bent
Now I just sit and deeply lament
And relive my idiocy with acidic ferment.

Martino Mario Fortuin

by Martino Fortuin

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