(12.09.1953 / Ndola, Zambia)

Love Stew

Bitten by a love bug, a teenager opens her arms wide
To welcome advances coming from a suitor
Purporting to sweep into an amorous ride
When ectasy titillates and tingles her romance meter.

In anticipation of displeasure of the highest calibre
The teenager prevaricates and hesitates
To gauge the level of commitment from the fibre
Propelling the prince charming whose manifesto vibrates.

Weighing and measuring options, the teenager
Makes up her mind to sample a bite
Of the succulent plate the suitor makes a wager
To hunt down his bull's eye without respite.

In the fullness of time, the teenager and the prince
Converge in the circle Cupid drew
To entwine both lovers who convince
Each other of the necessity to chew their love stew.

by John Sensele

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